Updated: Gozo’s Nationalists up in arms: claims Debono’s co-option invalid


The Gozo Regional PN Committee has written a strongly worded letter to the PN Leader Adrian Delia and the party administration, contesting the validity of the co-option of Jean Pierre Debono to the parliamentary seat vacated by Gozitan David Stellini. The letter is part of a wave of indignation voiced in various quarters but most vociferously in Gozo, at this co-option which sidelined Gozo candidate Kevin Cutajar.

The PN regional committee says in the letter that the co-option is vitiated on the grounds that it goes against the party statute . This, it says is because it permitted Stellini to vote when, having resigned his parliamentary seat, Stellini had rescinded that right. It is also vitiated on the gorunds that it goes against the constitution in that this provides that the replacing MP should represent ‘as much as possible’ the same interests as the outgoing MP.

Read the letter in full: Gozo-Regional-Council-PN

Meanwhile David Stellini resorted to Facebook to clarify his position. He said that he came over from Brussels specifically to see that the Gozitan vote is respected. He said that he respectfully refrained from commenting as a Party Official in order not to harm the party. He made a heartfelt appeal “for politics to be cleansed of jealousy so that the party can unite and plan for the future”