Gozo-Malta Tunnel: “PN made a U-turn ‘- Muscat; “We’ve always been consistent” – PN

Labour Party (PL) leader Joseph Muscat said the Nationalist Party (PN) leader Adrian Delia has made a U-turn on the tunnel.

During a political activity in Ħaż-Żebbuġ, Muscat referred to the debate which was broadcast on Thursday between the two leaders, and claimed that the PN had changed its views on the tunnel. This led to the Nationalist Party responding in a statement that this was untrue.

The PN stressed that it remains consistent about adhering to the principle of adequate connectivity between Malta and Gozo, but that it never gave the government carte blanche to create the tunnel before all the relevant studies were published.

It said that a serious process – which includes discussions with all concerned parties – needed to take place. This should be done in the best interest of the island of Gozo and all Gozitans, as well as environmental sustainability and good governance, it stated.The PN recalled that the opposition had put forward amendments to the government motion on the tunnel. It requested the government to publish studies that had already been completed, while those not yet completed should be published once they are finalised.