Gozo ITS campus to remain open; students told otherwise

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) will be opening its Gozo campus for another scholastic year. However, students and parents are still being led to believe that they will need to continue their studies at Malta’s campus since there wasn’t a sufficient amount of students enrolled.

Sources told Newsbook.com.mt that only eight students applied for the next academic year at Gozo’s ITS campus. Last week, the majority of the students were informed that the Qala campus will not be delivering any courses, and students wishing to continue their studies need to do so at the Malta campus in Luqa.

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Commuting every day, or renting accomodation in Malta?

Many parents complained about the stress that this would cause, where Gozitan students would either need to travel to and from Luqa every day, or ensure that the students, some of which are 16 years old, are able to afford to rent accommodation in Malta.

The Luqa campus will commence lectures in less than two weeks, on the 23rd of September.

“Ongoing discussions”

A spokesperson for the Ministry for Gozo referred Newsbook.com.mt’s questions to the Ministry for Tourism. He added that currently, there are ongoing discussions between the Ministry for Gozo and the Ministry for Tourism so that courses would still be offered at the Gozo campus.

When questioned, a spokesperson for the Ministry for Tourism stated that courses will still be provided at Gozo’s campus.

Courses will not be suspended

The Ministry stated that it did not accept management’s proposal to suspend courses at Qala’s campus. He added that although many students chose to continue their studies in Malta, Gozo’s grounds will be open for students.

In February of 2013, there were 80 students at Gozo’s ITS campus undertaking part-time and full-time courses.

The Gozo Tourism Association had not responded to questions asked by Newsbook.com.mt  by the time of publication.