“Gozo still free from coronavirus”

Gozo-Corona clint camillieri

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Measures are being taken in Gozo by authorities to avoid a possible spread of coronavirus. During a press conference, Gozo Minister, Clint Camilleri said that all persons tested in Gozo against coronavirus did not result positive. He then confirmed that Gozo is still free from COVID-19.

The chairman of the Gozo Channel, Joe Cordina, was present for the press conference.

Camilleri said that the Gozo Channel was given the instructions to steam all the vessels as a preventive measure which came into effect as of Thursday evening and will remain into effect until further notice.

The Gozo Minister also said that the crew on the vessels were also instructed to leave all doors leading to the decks to be left open for better air circulation.

Clint Camilleri referred to what Prime Minister Robert Abela announced on Friday, that all passengers will be screened. He said that if a passenger was exposed in some way or another to the virus he will not be let to board the Gozo ferry. Gozo Minister said that due to such measures there might be ferry delays.

Another measure announced by the Ministry for Gozo is a ban on touristic boats. The service will be halted and will not be allowed to dock in Gozo.

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