Gozo Bishop says people are indifferent to God’s existence

During the homily on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Gozo Bishop Mario Grech said that people stopped longing for God and they do not feel His emptiness. Bishop Grech stressed that nowadays people got accustomed to being indifferent to God’s existence.  

Bishop Grech addressed the faithful on Wednesday at the Gozo Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption. In his homily he said that the Blessed Virgin is a reminder to those worried by the social and spiritual disintegration around us. He said that St Mary resisted the forces capable of annihilating a person, and she is a testimony that such process can be stopped. Bishop Grech stressed that life does not have to come to an absurd end but that there exist ways in order to overcome death.

He continued to explain that despite her body died, she believed that Jesus Chris triumphed over death, and that was the reason behind her body and soul being taken to heaven.

The Bishop asserted that the root cause of the spiritual and moral crisis was the fact that God was put aside and that this was met with an indifference. He maintained that nowadays people got used to living as though God did not exist and without desiring Him in their hearts.

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