Gozitans propose more leave; 45 days spent travelling to and fro

A proposal has been put forward benefitting Gozitans who work in Malta. According to the Association for Gozitan Employees in Malta (AGEM), Gozitans should be given more leave as they spend about 45 days a year travelling from Gozo to Malta.

In the proposal put forward for the Budget of 2018-2019, AGEM detailed that Gozitans struggle financially, psychologically, physically and are constantly in a race against time. Those who have a private vehicle spend around €1,700 a year, without accounting for petrol, and AGEM claimed that public transport is too unreliable to be a viable option.

What are the proposals being put forward?

  • 5% increase in leave for Gozitans who work in Malta
  • A hub built in Gozo for workers to work from
  • An extra lane in the road leading to Ċirekwwa.
  • A speeding up of the process to acquire the fourth ferry and fast ferry service
  • Subsidies for Government employees should amount to €720 a year, rather than €300
  • Guidelines regarding teleworking and reduced working hours across all Governmental departments
  • A revision of the Public Service Management Code