“Gozitan students get sent home when their LSE can’t work” – parents

Students with disabilities who require a Learning Support Educator (LSE) in Gozo are sometimes sent home when their LSE can’t attend work for one reason or another.

The parents of such students were outlining this during a meeting with the Nationalist Party’s (PN) Parliamentary Committee for Gozo. They stated that this is an injustice to such students, and called for a permanent pool of reliever LSEs in Gozo.  Furthermore, Gozitan LSEs working in Malta stated that the education authorities are being unjust when permitting certain LSEs to be transferred to work in Gozo while others are not.

Therefore, PN’s Chris Said and Kevin Cutajar asked that the Committee organise a meeting specifically on the subject of LSEs, where education authorities will also be invited in order to look into solutions.

The meeting also treated COVID-19’s effects on Gozo in terms of both schools and commerce, particularly tourism. Said and Cutajar stated that such problems are not solved by Prime Minister Robert Abela visiting the island to say sweet nothings, but rather with actions, facts and solutions.