Gozitan employees in Malta to face increased hardship when commuting – For.U.M

Miguela Xuereb

The increase in the number of commutants between Gozo and Malta in the coming weeks shall stretch the Gozo Channel ferry schedule to the limit and possibly cause delays in commutations, said the Forum Unions Maltin in a statement issued on Friday.

The President of the Forum Union Maltin, Marco Bonnici said in a joint statement with the General Secretary of the Forum, Colin Galea, that the capacity of the ferries with the current COVID-19 measures and schedules of trips shall mean that almost half of the Gozitan workers shall not catch the scheduled ferry, implying that they need to catch the next one.

Bonnici said that this shall result in increased hardship on Gozitan employees who commute daily between the islands and for this reason Forum Unions Maltin has called on the Government to intervene to address the situation.

Gozitan employees already face the hardship of daily commuting and certainly cannot face increased hardship in the coming weeks, said Bonnici.