“Govt will continue addressing challenges faced by Gozitans” – Ministers Abela and Camilleri

Gozo Regional Committee

Minister Carmelo Abela responsible for sustainable development and social dialogue within the Office of the Prime Minister, and Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri have called for a social dialogue to tackle the challenges the island of Gozo is facing. They also said that the voice of all Gozitans is being heard by the authorities.

Both Ministers held a meeting with the Gozo Regional Committee which falls under the remit of MCESD, the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development

Through this committee, the government works to promote social, economic and ecological sustainability for businesses in Gozo Minister Abela and Minister Camilleri both reiterated the government’s commitment to addressing the constraints brought about by Gozo’s double insularity.

Addressing the Gozo Regional Committee, Gozo Minister, Clint Camilleri mentioned how Gozo sees about 1.7 million tourists per year. He said that this figure is 50 times greater than the population in Gozo.

Minister Camilleri said that these figures are the result of the successful vision of the government to make tourism in Gozo one of its economic pillars.

Minister Abela said that the government wants a number of proposals which can emerge from discussions with social partners and ultimately these proposals will need to be handed to the respective Ministries and departments to provide response and action can be taken accordingly.

He said that MCESD discussions have to be studied and the emerging opinions and ideas proposed by MCESD have to be based on what is happening and what is needed.

Minister Carmelo Abela also mentioned how Gozo challenges are not simply related to the Ministry of Gozo but also to the government. He then stressed how Gozo has a lot to contribute to the economy and that government should continue putting Gozo at the centre of its work to continue bringing the best economic and social results to the island.