Govt urged to invest in measures specifically aimed at persons with disability

Photo by: Unsplash

The Malta Federation of Organisations of Persons with Disability, MFOPD, has urged the Maltese government to invest and put in place measures and tools with which persons with disability can live a dignifying independent life during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Federation stated that the parents of persons with disability do their utmost for their children, including those with an impairment, to succeed in life. “We cannot afford to go back to normal. We want to find a new better normal when the pandemic is over” – stated the MFOPD.

The Federation explained how the COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of persons with disability and therefore they are urging authorities to properly address the human, economic and social crisis created by the pandemic which may increase inequality, exclusion, discrimination and unemployment in the short and long term.

MFOPD said that it is vital that the government puts in place measures with which persons with disability can live a dignifying independent life during the pandemic because the involvement of persons with disability and their organisations is very important when such measures are being discussed as this is the only way to ensure that the best is being done with no one being left behind.

The Federation also mentioned how during the meeting of the Disability Intergroup recently held and organised by the European Disability Forum with whom MFOPD is affiliated, the European Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli stressed that the member states including Malta, have to respect the UNCRPD which they have ratified.

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