Govt prepares framework for the re-opening of educational institutions

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The Ministry for Education and Employment is coordinating a comprehensive framework for the preparation of the eventual re-opening of educational institutions, the Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The Ministry also said it is actively following the situation at national level, the advice of health authorities and also noting the decisions which a number of other countries are taking in the educational sector.

The framework for the preparation of re-opening of educational institutions follows the model proposed by the United Nations which further developed to reflect the context and situation in Malta and Gozo.

Various probable scenarios are also being considered by the Ministry for Education and according to each probable scenario, the framework is looking at five main aspects, which are;

  • Health and safety
  • Information
  • Development and training
  • Quality education
  • Education reaches every student
  • Necessary financing

It was also explained that the framework for the preparation of the re-opening of education institutions is being discussed with the main stakeholders.

Launch of think tank

The Minister for Education Owen Bonnici announced the establishment of a think tank with an aim to propose ideas, thinking and reflections on the educational sector of the future, in light of Covid-19 and beyond.

The think tank will be made up of Professor Edward de Bono, Professor Richard England, Dr Frank Fabri, Ms Joanne Grima, Ms Julianne Grima, Mr Frederick Schembri and Mr David Xuereb.  The office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Employment will be providing logistical and co-ordinating support.

Minister Bonnici explained that the think tank is made up of persons who hold international standing in the field of philosophy, thinking and creativity, professionals who specialised in the educational sector, others who are making a successful career in multi-media and leading industrialists and people representing the industries. Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri said that the group is expected to look back, read the moment, and with creativity and measured thinking, look towards the possible future.  He said that the think tank will be having the necessary consultations and will present a report by 14th September.

MUT astonished at how no educators are included in think thank

The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) released a statement regarding the think tank launched by the Education Ministry, saying that it had not been consulted about this. The Union, therefore, is not acknowledging this project as it is not representative of experience within the education sector. It insisted that there cannot be analysis and reflection on the sector without the participation of those who militate within the sector.

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