“Govt must review building and construction proposals published in 2019” – Kamra tal-Periti

Miguela Xuereb

The Kamra tal-Periti is inviting the government to review the proposals that the Kamra had presented in May 2019, to ensure that no time is wasted in proceeding with the necessary reforms in the construction sector in view of what Prime Minister Robert Abela announced on Wednesday.

Robert Abela announced that the government will appoint a committee to investigate and give an overview of the current construction sector in Malta. The Prime Minister announced this following the accident happened on Monday in Ħamrun where Miriam Pace was found dead under the debris of her house that collapsed due to ongoing excavation works on an adjacent construction site.

In a press statement, the Kamra tal-Periti said that its proposals for a modern building and construction regulation framework for Malta present an in-depth analysis of the grossly inadequate building and construction regime including the absence of registration, licensing and training of contractors and labourers.

The KTP explained that the document was formulated by a team of experts and constitutes a comprehensive and thorough review of the current situation. It also provides solutions which are informed by research on systems which have been tried and tested in other countries.

This document was presented to the key stakeholders; the Chamber of Engineers, the Chamber of Commerce, the Building Industry Consultative Council, the Building Regulation Board, the Building Regulation Office, the Building and Construction Agency, the Planning Authority, the Malta Developers’ Association, and the Malta Insurers Association and all have endorsed the proposals by the Kamra tal-Periti.

The proposals were also presented to the European Commission and the Opposition, as well as to Government which, through a letter of commitment issued in August 2019, recognised the need for a comprehensive reform of the building and construction industry, and committed itself to implement the Kamra’s proposals.