“Govt didn’t have courage to immediately implement travel ban”

Photo by: Unsplash

The Confederation of Malta Trade Unions (CMTU) and the UĦM Voice of the Workers expressed their disappointment towards the Maltese government for failing to immediately stop flights to avoid the importation of coronavirus.

In a joint press statement, the CMTU and the UĦM Voice of the Workers said that although they agree with the measures announced on Monday by Prime Minister Robert Abela, the government failed to immediately take drastic measures as other European countries did to avoid the situation experience by Italy or even worse, China.

The CMTU and the UĦM both said that many European leaders were not afraid of the political effects when taking decisions to implement certain measures against COVID-19.

They also stated that the people expect that the authorities, the government takes the right decisions not just to avoid the spread of coronavirus but also to not have deaths because of coronavirus if it is properly contained.

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