Govt confirms ventilators bought from China and Europe

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Ministry for Health confirmed with the government reached an agreement, through the Department of Contracts, to purchase 22 ITU Ventilators from a well-known Chinese firm.

A spokesperson from the Ministry for Health confirmed with this newsroom that the Chinese firm has a reputation and a quality standard that equals that of manufacturers of ventilators in Europe.

The government has also bought a number of ventilators from renowned companies in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. sent questions to the Ministry for Health following international reports that 250 ventilators bought from China by the United Kingdom were ditched as medical doctors feared they could kill patients.

According to details revealed by British media the ventilators bought by the British health services were “badly built, unsuitable for use in hospitals and potentially dangerous for patients”.

In reply to the questions sent by, prior to the international coronavirus outbreak, a total of 87 Ventilators units were immediately confirmed with reliable manufacturers of ventilators by the first week of March 2020. 39 ventilators out of the 87 are already in Malta.

The Ministry for Health further confirmed with this newsroom that a total number of ventilators available at Mater Dei presently stands at 93 and more ventilators are expected to arrive within the next couple of weeks.

Also, on April 28th Steward Healthcare announced it acquired10 full capability GE ventilators as part of their COVID-19 preparedness at the Gozo General Hospital.

In addition, further 10 GE ventilators which are expected to arrive in summer have been ordered which Steward Healthcare said will complement another 5 Philips’ V60+ ventilators which are due to be delivered in the coming weeks. This would result in a net capacity of 25 ITU beds dedicated to COVID-19 patients.

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