Govt again proves there is no long-term plan for education, says PN


The fact that the Education Ministry has included teachers’ representatives and the Faculty of Education as part of the think tank the day after it was launched by Minister Owen Bonnici shows that the government has no long-term plans in the education sector, stated the Opposition spokesperson on Education, Clyde Puli.

The launch of the think tank, aimed at proposing ideas, thinking and reflections on the educational sector of the future, in light of Covid-19 and beyond, sparked initial negative reactions amongst teachers and parents and this shows the lack of respect towards the teaching profession, said Clyde Puli.

Clyde Puli said that the Opposition and the Nationalist party think that this initiative has to involve the people who have the education of future generations at heart.

On Thursday the MUT accepted to be part of the think tank but in order to do so, the union will establish a working group made up of individuals with vast experience in the education sector and this group will be representing the MUT in the think tank.

The Ministry for Education and Employment welcomed the MUT’s agreement to have a representative on the think-tank. It also welcomed the establishment within MUT of a working group made up of teachers with classroom experience which will be also contributing to the Ministry’s think-tank.

Yesterday, Minister Owen Bonnici clarified that the composition of the think-tank includes two members who are teachers by profession, with years of experience in various levels of the educational sector and will be doing various consultations with stakeholders in the sector and beyond during the whole process.