Government’s sex work proposals ‘protect those who exploit the vulnerable,’ PN insists

The government’s proposals on the decriminalisation of sex work ultimately serve as a “screen to protect those who want to continue profiting off the vulnerable,” the Nationalist Party is insisting.

In a statement signed by MPs Claudette Buttigieg, Karol Aquilina and Claudio Grech, the PN criticised Prime Minister Robert Abela for treating the proposals as a fait accompli, even though a consultation process was still ongoing.

The MPs insisted that the government should have followed the recommendations of NGOs who have called for the implementation of the “Nordic model,” which would decriminalise sex work whilst making the buying of sex a crime. However, the government is opposed to criminalising the buying of sex, a decision which, the NGOs insisted, could drastically increase human trafficking and pave the way for sex tourism.

The PN said that when it came to prostitution, any reform should keep two things in mind: that prostitution left a negative impact on those involved and on society, and that prostitutes were victims who deserved support.

The party lamented that Malta could have learnt from the errors and successes that were recorded overseas, and urged the government to listen to the recommendations made by experts in the field.