Government to seek European funds to cover storm damages

Facebook: Mauro Mario

The Government has announced that it contacted the European Commission to help Malta with EU funds to compensate for damages caused by the adverse weather conditions the past weekend. A short while prior to the Government’s statement, the PN said they would be contacting the Commission and the EPP for funding themselves, particularly to compensate for damages to farmer’s equipment, businesses and Carnival floats.

In their statement, the Government said that all departments will be investigating damages to calculate the amount needed. Corina Cretu and Christos Stylianides were contacted by the Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, Aaron Farrugia, to inform them of the process being undertaken.

In a separate statement, the PN had appealed to the Government to ask for the EU’s help, potentially using the EU’s Solidarity Fund from which Latvia had got €17 million after a natural disaster. The PN also called for the appointment of a team of experts to quantify the damages caused, as well as a public call for those who have sustained damages to present the relevant information to the authorities.

70 tonnes of debris removed from streets by Cleansing Department

Were the Government to make use of the EU’s Solidarity Fund, the application would need to be submitted within 12 weeks from the incident. The PN suggested the Government ask for payment upfront, or to try and get European Structural and Investment Fund. Malta got €1 million from the fund after damages sustained due to adverse weather conditions in 2003.

MEPs Roberta Metsola and Miriam Dalli said meanwhile on Twitter that they both contacted Aaron Farrugia regarding seeking help from funding to address the damages sustained.