Government spinning commission proposals to its benefit – Delia

Partit Nazzjonalista

The PN leader Adrian Delia, has said that he believes the Government is attempting to spin the Venice Commission’s condemnation of Malta’s political institutions into a positive image for the government.

Delia says that the PM’s aims to start a process of reform which will take power away from institutions that are there to support people. This was happening contrary to the checks and balances that the Commission recommended.

He goes on to say that there a great need for an investigation and scrutiny of how Malta’s institutions function with the hope of bolstering their agency and reputation towards supporting democracy.

The Venice Commission yesterday offered its opinions on the Maltese institutions, calling for the gradual removal of certain powers from the Prime Minister to bolster institutions and the creation of independent bodies to oversee the exercise of areas like criminal prosecution from the Attorney General.

Delia says that if the Prime Minster believes in the proposals, he would enact them immediately.

The Prime Minister did say yesterday that he agreed with the commission’s proposals in general.