“Government should provide affordable rentals”– Fearne

The Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne stated that the Government should provide more affordable rentals.

He said this in an activity as part of the leadership campaign of the Labour Party. Fearne said that the Government will tackle the issue of housing in the same way that the construction of roads was dealt with.

Fearne explained that more than 1,700 places are currently undergoing construction work thanks to the Government. Additionally, various measures are being worked upon in an effort to help those who cannot afford to buy their own place. He further stated that the Government should provide more places with affordable rentals, rentals which cost less than the market price, through which such people can have a residence until they improve their financial prospects.

He said that he is “aware that there are a number of persons on the waiting list. This list must be dealt with immediately by easing the process of building property as promised by the Electoral Manifesto.”

The Deputy Prime Minister concluded by reassuring the public that much in the same way that the Government has addressed various challenges to date, it will again successfully solve this pressing issue.