Government rebuffs claim China used Dar Malta for spying

    Photo: Google Street View

    The government has dismissed claims, made by French newspaper Le Monde, that the Chinese secret services had installed devices in Malta’s EU embassy to spy on European institutions.

    Le Monde reported that the Belgian secret services had long been concerned that Dar Malta harboured Chinese spy technology, installed in the renovation of Dar Malta ahead of its inauguration in 2007. China had donated furniture and interior fittings to Malta through a cooperation agreement, but British intelligence had suggested that there had been an ulterior aim to this.

    The government, however, clarified that China had only donated the furniture that was used, and that it was installed in line with the relevant security procedure. Internal and external audits found no suggestion that spy devices were present.

    It also pointed out that around 80% of the furniture donated by China has since been replaced by new furniture, and that the security system at Dar Malta has been overhauled and improved over the past two years.