Government proposes changes to adoption and fostering regulations

The Government is proposing changes in the law with respect to adaptations and fostering that will give more voice to children.

This was stated by Minister for Children’s Rights Michael Falzon, while talking about developments in the law on Child Protection passed by the Cabinet.

In a statement from the Ministry, it was stated how the changes will be made in relation to adoptions and foster care of children in out-of-home care. After 10 years of fostering, carers will be able to open an application to adopt.

It was also said that there six weeks of public consultation will be carried out with both stakeholders, as well as the general public, to ensure that the law serves the voice and strengthening the child.

Andy Ellul, the lawyer who worked on the law, explained that this contains important changes, including in relation to care orders and child custody. Through this law, responsibility currently on the hands of the Minister, will be transferred to the heads of households where the children live.

This will lead to a customized care plan created for the concerned children, at the discretion of the Court. In the statement it was also said that the Court can issue protection orders including emergency orders, care, supervision, treatment, or removal order.

It was explained that the law requires a social contract to ensure that parents or those taking care of children take responsibility to stop all forms of abuse on the child.