Watch: Government planning to buy band clubs to preserve low rents

As the rent laws allowing band clubs to continue paying very low leases continue being challenged in court, the government is considering another course of action: buying the band club premises itself.

Speaking to, Culture Minister José Herrera noted that as things stood, a number of band clubs risked eviction, leading the government to strive to come up with a solution.

“Our aim is for the government to gradually start acquiring the band club premises. These would become government assets, and then we would naturally lease them at subsidised rates to ensure that our band clubs can continue to prosper,” Herrera said.

A team made up of the Local Council Association president, lawyers and architects is presently carrying out an exercise on the matter.

Herrera made his comments at the end of a press conference in which he announced that the government would provide €470,000 in assistance to associations actively involved in the organisation of village feasts.

A total of €150,000 are being provided to support local band clubs and a further €150,000 for feast associations, while the remaining €170,000 are being allocated to a scheme seeking to improve safety at voluntary firework factories.