Government not helping us stop climate change – FoE Malta


The Government’s actions are not helping us mitigate the impact of climate change, Friends of the Earth Malta have said.

The environmental NGO has stressed that urgent need to take climate action now, the Maltese government, ‘is continuing taking business as usual decisions – from expanding our roads and airport terminal to creating more built up areas and reducing our agricultural land, which will in turn prevent us from mitigating the impeding impacts of climate change.’

They explain that there needs to be strong leadership on climate change.

‘Too many politicians are happy to speak about the issue, but their promises have often turned out to be just hot air. Together, we will sound the alarm and show our politicians that business as usual is no longer an option. The climate crisis won’t wait, so neither will we.’

FoE Malta makes the call ahead of millions of people striking from work and from school to raise awareness and take-action against climate change this Friday. The event coincides with a UN emergency climate summit.  

To this end, the environmental group outlines a list of points that participants in the Climate Strike can take;

#1 – Creating a decentralised action at work, at school or with friends. This can be easily done by gathering a group of people together, deciding on a fun thing to do (make a human banner, create a slogan banner, draw a mural), snapping a photo and posting it on social media with a message using #ActNowMalta. 1

#2 Join the Climate Strike with a cool climate banner. This will take place at the Triton Fountain on the 20th of Sept at 17:30 2

#3 Go car-free as a political act. In Malta, the largest cause of CO2 equivalent of emissions is caused by transport and all those private cars! Let’s show that we do not want our roads widened. One can commute by bus, cycle or carpool during the Climate Action Week. Take a photo of the journey and post using #ActNowMalta

#4 Food production is a massive contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. One can go for a simplified plant-based, climate-adapted diet. It’s a great opportunity to try out those great local and seasonal vegetarian recipes everyone has been dying to try!3 Be a climivore and host friends over to a climate-change dinner over the weekend. Don’t forget to post photos #ActNowMalta

More information can be found here