Government ‘has forgotten’ Miriam Pace’s death


The government has failed the family of Miriam Pace by failing to launch public inquiry to determine whether her tragic death in her own home could have been avoided by the authorities, according to TPN MP Claudio Grech.

Grech, who has long known the Pace family, was speaking during debate on the financial estimates of the Occupational Health and Safety Authority. He lamented that since the family was unassuming and not well-connected, Pace’s death has been all but forgotten.

“Imagine how much pressure would have been put on the authorities if one of our own mothers had been killed,” the MP exclaimed.

Grech noted that following the tragedy, Prime Minister Robert Abela had appointed a committee to review the practices of the construction sector – “as someone apparently had to be killed for this review to be drawn up” – but noted that no details have been forthcoming, even though this review was said to have been completed in April.

No response to public inquiry call

He then reiterated that the PN had asked for a public inquiry, filing a private member’s bill to this effect in April.

“But it appears that the Pace case isn’t important to the government, as it has not even bothered to reply,” Grech added.

The inquiry shouldn’t be controversial, the MP argued, noting that in the aftermath of Pace’s death, government MPs all agreed that such a tragic incident should not repeat itself.

The Pace family, he said, was owed an explanation of how the authorities which should have guaranteed their safety had acted, and whether Miriam’s death could have been avoided.

“What’s left in you when they tell you they have nothing left,” Grech asked. “In spite of all the laws we have worked on, you end up feeling we are useless.”