Government failed to circulate Equality Bill amendments, PN claims

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The government has failed to circulate the latest amendments made to the Equality Bill, Partit Nazzjonalista said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Opposition warned that this is having a negative impact on the discussions being held with the stakeholders on the draft law. It added that the government has failed to listen to the requests being made during the consultation period.

Opposition MPs Claudette Buttigieg, Karl Gouder and Edwin Vassallo who sit on the Consideration of Bills Committee said that they continued holding physical and virtual meetings with the main stakeholders to discuss the bill.

In July, the Church Schools Association, the Secretariat for Catholic Education and the Council of Major Religious Superiors, together with representatives of parent organisations whose children attend Church schools, expressed their serious reservations on the draft Equality Law which is currently being discussed in Parliament.

The Opposition said that it is committed to upholding equality.

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