Government does not mind putting the elderly at risk – PN


Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) has stated that the Government does not mind putting the elderly at risk, as it is clear that most of them do not contribute to the economy.

The Party has condemned the “irresponsible” behaviour of the Government which, “after all these sacrifices”, still put the economy before health. According to PN, it is clear that little by little, Malta will be repeating everything it has gone through, if not worse.

In a statement signed by Opposition Health Spokesperson Stephen Spiteri and Opposition Spokespersons for Active and Inclusive Aging and People with Different Abilities Maria Deguara, they explained that with the addition of constantly increasing active cases of COVID-19, Malta will be facing new health challenges, including the need for ensuring swab testing to be done in a reasonable period and an effective contact-tracing system, an increase in infected patients, and a lack of healthcare workers after being exposed to the virus.

The Party stated that as already seen, several doctors and nurses had to quarantine because they had contact with positive cases, at the risk of them and their families. “They should serve as a warning to health authorities and the government”, it continued, insisting that adequate measures are needed to avoid painful experiences that other countries have gone through.

The Opposition insisted that along with doctors’ unions and other unions representing workers, it must reaffirm that health is taken as a priority.

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