Government does not have workers’ rights at heart, unions say

Forum Unions Maltin (For.U.M) said that good work conditions does not seem to be a priority with the Maltese Government since the legal advice regarding the basic right of workers’ days of rest was quickly suspended.

In a statement For.U.M explained that it is clear that the trade unions will have to go through a lot for the workers’ basic rights to be implemented and insisted that it is not the first time that the workers were not able to use their sick leave to take care of their sick children.

For.U.M insisted that the Government must act immediately when trade unions protest measure regarding work conditions.

On the other hand, The Nationalist Party’s Workers Solidarity (SĦPN), defended the employers. A statement explained that after 5 years of waiting for the Government to take the necessary decisions, the workers were not consulted.

In a statement, SĦPN mentioned that the legal advice regarding leave has changed in the last few days. The proposed changes will have an adverse affect on employers and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, the MEA, the GRTU and the MHRA are ready to boycott the Employment Relations Board (ERB) meetings until the situation is resolved.

Many Unions and NGOs from both sides of the story have commented on this case.