“Gov hiding information about Vitals contracts” – Adrian Delia


Government lawyers, as well as the Attorney General, were said by Opposition Leader Adrian Delia to have attempted once again to derail the law suit Delia filed in an attempt to nullify contracts passing on Karen Grech Hospital, St Luke’s Hospital and Gozo General Hospital’s ownership to Vitals Global Health Care.

Delia also reiterated media reports of secret millions behind the publicised transaction between Vitals Global Health Care and Steward Health Care, as well as implying that Health Minister Chris Fearne is blaming the entire negotiations on Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi. The Opposition Leader said that these are issues of ‘grave concern’.

The Superior Court of Appeal decided earlier today that the way proceedings will go in the Civil Case filed by Delia will be decided in March. The suit, filed by Delia against the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the Attorney General, Vitals Global Health Care and Malta Industrial Parks calls for the three freshly privatised hospitals to be given back to the Maltese public.

So far, Muscat, the Lands Authority, and the AG have appealed the case claiming it was now essentially too late as the final deed was signed. This, according to Delia during a press conference earlier this evening, is an exercise in avoidance. He said that Court proceedings “clearly show the Government’s attempts to hide everything”, adding that the Government either wants to lengthen the case indefinitely, or break it down into various parts before a full conclusion is reached.

Delia explained during the Conference that the contract itself is a mechanism which goes against public procurement regulations. The Opposition has been saying for months that the negotiations were structured to fail, with Delia adding that the hospitals were then handed to companies the people know nothing about, who do not have the necessary experience or qualifications. Delia also spoke about Minister Chris Fearne confirming that he will stop Mizzi’s agreement to give Technoline exclusive rights to procurement of the three hospitals.

He also reiterated reports by The Shift News about Konrad Mizzi and VGH passing millions of public money from one company to another in Dubai. The news portal also reported that Steward paid €1 for VGH shares and concessions, while VGH owners were given millions behind the public’s back.

Partit Laburista reacts

In a brief statement following the press conference, the Partit Laburista said that while everyone was expecting Delia to speak about his meeting the PN Parliamentary Group, he only rehashed and repeated things the PN have been saying for a long while. “It is truly the case of someone drowning looking for any straw to cling on to,” the statement concluded.