Good Samaritan Hospital reacts to media reports

Covid-19 deaths reported in healthcare facility

Over the last month GSH has cared for 160 Covid-19 patients. More than half have recovered and have since returned to their respective homes’, declared Dr. Louis Buhagiar Chairman, Caring First Limited Good Samaritan Hospital, as a reaction to recent reports in the media about the Good Samaritan Hospital.

In the past weeks several Covid-19 deaths have been reported as residents of the Good Samaritan Hospital.

The Good Samaritan Hospital has been contracted by the Government along with other facilities, to isolate elderly patients who test positive for Covid-19 in care homes and Mater Dei Hospital in order to care for them and minimise the risk of contagion.

Until quite recently positive patients were being left near healthy elderly residents in care homes resulting in undesired consequences the statement confirmed.

‘Contrary to what is being alleged, we have never experienced any shortage of monitoring or supporting equipment’ said GSH chairman.

Former Labour MP Buhagiar concluded, ‘When patients do require more complex care such as intensive therapy, they are promptly transferred to Mater Dei Hospital. We never purported to offer critical care services.’