Gonzi in disagreement with Muscat on immigrants

Former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, stressed that it is the Government’s task to save life, and emphasised this in his answers to Newsbook.com.mt. Gonzi was present for the vigil held on Thursday which was given the name of Ports of Hope, to remember all those who lost their lives while seeking a better life.

When asked about the position taken by the Government in respect of non-governmental organisations ships he said he had to disagree. Our duty towards vulnerable people is to save them.

He stressed that the issue is not the ship, the captain or territory, but it is about vulnerable people who were in danger of losing their lives.

When asked about what he would have done if he were still Prime Minister, Gonzi recalled the positions he took, when the numbers were much larger than today’s.

The former Prime Minister showed his concern about the emerging situation both locally and in the international scene. He also mentioned the negative attitude there is Malta, especially against those trying to make it a point to save lives.