“God speaks through the silence” – Bishop Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Apostolic Administrator for Gozo Mario Grech said that God speaks through his silence.

Mons. Grech stated this in the homily he delivered today during the celebration held in Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary. Bishop George Bugeja OFM also took part in the celebration.

He said that following Good Friday, Saturday is a day dedicated to silence. He asked how one may interpret this silence. Some might say that God becomes mute on a day like today, after having seen his son crucified to death. Mons. Grech said that he understands those who find this daunting, as it may seem that God acted indifferently in the face of such violence and human destruction.

He reminded Catholics that Pope Benedict XVI had said that God had hidden in the face of cruelty happening in the Auschwitz concentration camps. Mons. Grech reasoned that whilst the world is going through a pandemic, it is not difficult to understand Pope Benedict’s broken heart when he spoke those words, as thousands are dying everyday.

Bishop Grech said that he carries all those suffering in his heart, as well as those making great sacrifices while working on the frontlines. Today, said the Bishop, people are experiencing God’s silence. According to him, God’s silence isn’t new to Virgin Mary, as she experienced it in other moments in scripture.

The Bishop said that Mary is capable of interpreting this silence positively, as she can hear God’s voice through the silence. On that fateful Saturday, she could hear God speaking from Jesus’ tomb.

He concluded his homily by saying that today, our eyes should be set on God’s tomb, knowing that Jesus’ death is the price God paid for us.

His last words were an appeal to the Catholics to take the Virgin Mary in their homes during these trying times.