GO lowers call and text rates to the EU

As of today, GO customers can stay connected with family and friends in the EU with increased peace of mind thanks to lowered rates on international fixed and mobile call rates, as well as SMSs to EU countries.

International EU call rates have now been standardised. Rates now stand the same whether a call is made via traditional fixed line, or from a mobile. New lower rates also apply on SMSs sent to EU countries.

Antonio Ivankovic, Chief Commercial Officer at GO said that the company proactively focuses on the value added to its customers. He also mentioned how GO has recently revamped their Smart and Smart plus plans to include EU calls and SMS as part of the bundles provided.

These plans start from €5 a month for 100 minutes and 100 SMSs to all local and EU destinations.

This follows the coming into force of a new EU regulation that applies to all EU operators. The EU regulation stipulates a capping of €0.22 (including VAT) for fixed and mobile calls and €0.07 (including VAT) for SMS to EU countries.