Gmail user? Here’s the latest changes


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

You will have to update your Gmail inbox in accordance with updates that Google will make on their platform. This goes against what Google originally said, that users will be given the chance to choose whether they should update their inbox or not. The company encourages those who use Gmail to start using the new system now.

This can be done by going on the settings, and select “Enable access experimental”, then click on “Save”.

After a few hours, the “Try the new Gmail” option, should be the first choice in the Settings drop-down menu.

Anyone who makes use of Gmail, including companies, will have the chance to use the updated platformT from next August. In this period, they will have a chance to resume using the outdated platform.

In September, this change will take place automatically, so that everyone has it.  However, by the end of this month, one will have a chance to go back to the original platform.

In October, this option would expire and no one could go back to their previous settings. The new platform will be enforced on everyone who uses Gmail.