Global Covid-19 cases surpass 50 million

Photo via Pickist

Global coronavirus cases have exceeded 50 million according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker on Sunday.

A total of 50,052,204 infections have been reported around the world.

The countries with the highest infection figures are the United States (9,879,323), India (8,507,754), Brazil (5,653,561), Russia (1,760,420) and France (1,709,773).

The global death toll stands at 1,253,110 according to the same research centre. The highest number of fatalities were recorded in the United States with 237,192 deaths, followed by Brazil (162,269 deaths), India (126,121 deaths), Mexico (94,808 deaths), the United Kingdom (49,134 deaths).

Neighboring Italy has registered 41,394 deaths to date.

Reuters calculated that October was the worst month of the coronavirus pandemic to date. The second wave in the past 30 days accounted for a quarter of all cases.