Gili appointed as acting DG for contracts

Jacqueline Gili whose name became public domain after she was flown in on a private jet to vote during a Planning Board meeting which approved the controversial db Group City Centre project last year, was appointed as an acting director general for contracts within the Finance Ministry. The appointment is valid for a month.

This was published in the Government Gazette dated 24 January 2020.

In Parliament, it had been revealed that the trip had cost taxpayers a total of €8,750. Gili who was a voting member of the Board of the Planning Authority had been ferried to and from Malta on a private jet so that she could vote on the db project application.

On 20 September, she arrived in Malta on a private jet and made her way to the planning meeting somewhat late. The jet, with a registration of OK-ZUB had arrived from Catania, where, it is understood, Gili had been holidaying. Gili stayed till the end of the hearing, voted in favour of the project and dashed out. is informed that all Planning Board and Planning Commission members have offered their resignation when Robert Abela was appointed as Prime Minister and a new cabinet was subsequently formed. This was also confirmed by a spokesperson for the Planning Authority.