Għaxaq double murder: “I love my mother, but…”

The compilation of evidence in the case against the man who stands accused of murdering his mother and his sister continued on Monday morning.

Various police officials took the witness stand on Monday. A police sergeant from the Criminal Investigation Department said that he was requested at the Police Headquarters on 30 March at 1am. He then proceeded to the site where the corpses were buried where the forensic team was already present. The police sergeant explained that bodies were found close to a small room and by a rubble wall. The bodies were subsequently taken to the morgue.

Another police official who took the witness stand, told the court that the accused appeared as though he wanted to cooperate. He had told them that the weapon used in the double murder was made by the accused himself. Bonnici had indicated where the weapon was buried. The police officer was about to delve into how the accused carried out the gruesome murder but was cut short by Magistrate Joe Mifsud who informed him that the details had emerged in previous testimonies.

The police were also asked about their search for the mallet at WasteServ. The police officer explained that from the information they had was that a mallet possibly burnt was disposed of at WasteServ.

An aunt of the accused took the witness stand on Monday. She was asked to visit the accused’s mother and sister by the accused’s imprisoned father. The woman told the court that the victims were neither picking up their phones nor opening the door. She explained to the court that a police official had sent her back to check properly whether they were inside. Upon returning to the house, the aunt found the accused who asked her to accompany him as they looked for them inside the house. The man allegedly told his aunt that he needed to be accompanied inside, otherwise his mother would suspect that he had entered to steal from her. As the man was opening the door, he told his aunt that “I love my mother, but..” and stopped short. He then entered inside, called his mother, went up however he found nothing.

When asked what she thought about the accused, the aunt described him as a “good person”. She said that she never argued with the accused and that his late mother praised him for doing work around the house. She said that it had never crossed her mind that the accused would come to this, saying had she thought so, she would have never entered the house with the accused alone. The woman told the court that however she was not aware of the relationship between the accused and his mother and sister.

Another relative took the witness stand and said that she was still shocked at what had happened.

Another aunt took the witness stand who said that she could not testify in public, with the magistrate Joe Mifsud asking the media to leave the courtroom.

Lawyers Franco Debono and Marion Camilleri appeared for the defense counsel.