German regional politician found shot dead in garden


German police are investigating how a regional politician was found shot dead in his garden.

Walter Lübcke was discovered at 00.30 on Sunday morning at his home in the village of Istha, with a fatal bullet wound to the head. Police believe the wound was inflicted by a firearm at close proximity.

Investigations have begun to determine who was involved in the incident with police already ruling out suicide.

Sabine Thurau the crime bureau chief, told the press that they were still trying to determine the motive while also lacking evidence of who was involved.  What little information could be gathered from the prosecutors suggests that Lübcke was killed with a short-range firearm but no such weapon was found at the scene.

Lübcke was the head of the regional council within the main city of Kassel and part of the centre right CDU party. He had been running the authority over the last decade with a previous period served as a state lawmaker.

The politician was outspoken about accommodating Syrian refugees back in October 2015, at the time when the government started allowing large numbers to cross in Germany.

Latterly his activities resulted in him being on the receiving end of death threats, necessitating his need for personal protection.

His party described him as being a ‘bridge-builder who could not have been better,’ and not afraid of, ‘telling it as it is’

It is understood that the village of Istha was hosting a beer festival on the Saturday with one local media outlet speculating that he may have met someone at the time of his death.

Lübcke’s home has been sealed off by the police and the family provided with protection.