German authorities investigating threats by Libyan militia – Sea-Eye

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

German civil search and rescue NGO Sea-Eye announced that the German authorities has opened an investigation into the alleged threats faced by its crew operating the humanitarian vessel Alan Kurdi. The vessel operates in the central Mediterranean, rescuing asylum seekers at sea.

‘Our rescuees and crew are in mortal danger’ – Sea Eye Chairman

During their most recent mission, the crew were allegedly threatened by a Libyan militia which fired warning shots using vessel with mounted guns. The militia had positioned its boats in such a way that the humanitarian vessel could not move. Some of the migrants were taken on board by the militia, however they jumped back into the sea. Both the crew and the migrants had escaped unharmed during the incident in international waters.

Sea Eye rescues 90 despite militia warning shots

Recently, it was revealed that Malta and Libya are cooperating on migrants fleeing the war-torn country. The Armed Forces of Malta are allegedly actively cooperating with the Libyan Coastguard to take back migrants before they enter the Maltese search and rescue region, becoming their responsibility. The migrants rescued by the Libyan Coastguard are returned to Libya.

Malta has deal with Libya coastguard over migrant interceptions – report