GBC disagrees with PN’s proposal for Malta-Gozo tunnel referendum

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Gozo Business Chamber disagrees with the proposal made by Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech when on Sunday he stated that a referendum should be held on the possible tunnel between Malta and Gozo.

In a statement published on Tuesday the Gozo Business Chamber, GBC, said that given the extensive period, work, the studies that have already been undertaken on the project, the publication of a pre-qualication questionnaire, and the submissions made, calling into question this project at this stage through a referendum would not be appropriate.

On Sunday the PN leader said that a if the need arises, a PN government would hold a referendum to understand whether Gozitans want the tunnel or not.

“Such a step should have been undertaken when this project was initially included in the national policy agenda. The feasibility and the continuation of the project should only be determined through the technical studies that have been and are still to be undertaken. This is an important long-term project which envisages multiple legislatures,” said the GBC.

It also referred to the motion that had been approved in Parliament and which led to an agreement from both sides of the House on the strategic direction to be adopted on this project.

Tinkering with such an important long-term project which has multiple benefits for the Gozitan society and economy is not acceptable as this would put back to the drawing board an important project which has been in the pipeline for many years, said the Gozo Chamber.

The Gozo Business Chamber has many times stated that the permanent link would level out the inequalities between the Gozitan and the Maltese economy.