Gap between PL and PN goes down to 42,656 votes

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Electoral Commission has released the official results of the votes garnered by the Partit Laburista and the Partit Nazzjonalista and the gap between them is lower than had been foreseen.

Yesterday, unofficial results showed that PL had received over 50,000 votes more than the PN; however, according to the Election Commission statistics, the gap is actually that of 42,656 votes.

In all, PL received 141,267 votes (54.29%). Meanwhile, PN obtained 98,611 votes (37.90%). The third party that obtained the most votes was Imperium Europe, which had only one candidate, Norman Lowell who received a total of 8236 votes (3.17%).

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Meanwhile, in a statement in response to the difference in official figures, the PN said that the result this year is one which is close to that of the last general election. The PN said that it welcomes the election result with humility and determination. The party pledged to strive to understand and represent the desires of the Maltese people.

More information from the Electoral Commission

On the Electoral Commission website, it was announced that there were a total of 371,456 people registered to vote in this election. A total of 270,212 (72.7%) of the eligible population cast their vote, with 260,212 votes, (96.4%) of the votes being valid, while 9,810 votes, (3.6%) were invalid.

What are the totals of the votes cast?

Partit Laburista141,26754.29%
Partit Nazzjonalista98,61137.90%
Imperium Ewropa8,2363.17%
Partit Demokratiku5,2762.03%
Kandidati Indipendenti2,6741.03%
Alternattiva Demokratika1,8660.72%
Alleanza Bidla1,1860.46%
Moviment Patrijotti Maltin7710.30%
Brain, Not Ego3230.12%


How many votes did each prospective MEP receive?

Candidate1st-round Votes5th-round Votes
Miriam Dalli, PL63,43837,174
Roberta Metsola, PN38,20637,174
Alfred Sant, PL26,59237,124
Alex Agius Saliba, PL18,80823,272
Josianne Cutajar, PL15,60321,267
David Casa, PN20,49320,974
Frank Psaila, PN13,26813,520
Peter Agius, PN10,47410,616
Norman Lowell, IE8,2388,335
Cyrus Engerer, PL5,3947,595
Francis Zammit Dimech, PN5,7825,917
David Stellini, PN3,6153,654
Michael Briguglio, PN3,1343,220
Camilla Appelgren, PD3,0533,125
James Grech, PL2,5302,857
Josef Caruana, PL2,3082,766
Roselyn Borg, PN2,1552,254
Arnold Cassola, Indipendenti2,1272,175
Joseph Mario Sammut, PL1,7472,038
Felix Busuttil, PL1,1891,888
Godfrey Farrugia, PD1,6681,691
Noel Cassar, PL1,1821,468
Dione Borg, PN1,1761,203
Lorna Vassallo, PL7291,048
Carmel Caccopardo, AD1,0211,041
Mary Gauci, PL713921
Mina Tolu, AD845869
Robert Micallef, PL595750
Ivan Grech Mintoff, AB660661
Simon Borg, MPM577582
Fleur Anne Vella, PL439560
Rebecca Dalli Gonzi, AB526534
Nazzareno Bonnici, Indipendenti376411
Antoine Paul Borg, BNE323330
Michael Mercieca, PN308319
Anthony Emmanuel Buttigieg, PD306310
Martin Cauchi Inglott, PD249253
Naged Megally, MPM194196
Stephen Florian, Indipendenti106112
Joseph Aquilina, Indipendent43
Mario Borg, Indipendenti22