Gaming and financial sectors have much in common with blockchain industry

Silvio Schembri at Malta Life Sciences Park
Silvio Schembri at Malta Life Sciences Park

A survey shows that 70% of the talent required for the blockchain industry is common to that of people working in the gaming and financial sectors, said Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri at the launch of the Thrive Blockchain Hackathon.

Schembri went on to say that due to this survey result, it is important to strengthen the ecosystem around these areas, which is why the University of Malta will be offering specialised blockchain courses with the aim of having the first graduates in the field at a time when the market would have started to mature and stabilise.

The Thrive Blockchain Hackathon is being held from the 23rd to the 24th July at the Life Sciences Park.

Chief Strategy Officer for Thrive Labs Giuseppe Scordino said that the event has the aim of attracting talent towards this new economic sector on ‘the blockchain island’.

In fact, it has attracted the interest of 20 participants coming from software development backgrounds. The event is aimed at finding four individuals who would join the Thrive Team in their journey towards creating a decentralised marketplace, which is a market structure made up of a network of various technical devices that allow investors to create a marketplace without a centralised location.