Watch: “Future awaits us after COVID-19”- Archbishop Scicluna

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that he feels deep sorrow that this evening he cannot celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in front of many who usually attend the celebration.

Archbishop said this while being interviewed by Fr Joe Borg on 103 on Saturday morning.

Scicluna said that many are asking why is the Chruch still organising the mass every day and the celebrations of the Holy Week. Archbishop Scicluna said that our faith, what we believe in cannot be stopped by a coronavirus and that the Church is providing a service to those at home who cannot attend the Holy Week celebrations. While taking the necessary precaution, the Church is managing to transmit the message of God in the homes of the believers.

Fr Joe Borg mentioned the joint initiative of Missio Malta and to asking people to adopt a grandparent who is lonely so as to make them feel better.

Archbishop Scicluna said let us not forget the elderly not only in such circumstances posed by the spread of COVID-19

Scicluna said that many are experiencing loneliness especially the elderly and he urged the families, people ingeneral to find ways by which we can express our love and support to them.

The Archbishop said that with today’s technology and with the use of social media it should not be difficult to make contact with our loved ones to show our support.

During the interview, the Archbishop delivered his message of hope and courage that after this storm of the COVID-19 there is a future and that together we shall overcome the pain we are all going through. He then referred to what Pope Francis has stated in the past weeks especially during the Holy Week – to embrace these moments, to do small acts of kindness which are much needed during the coronavirus.