Funds for research and entrepreneurship in the maritime sector

For the second consecutive year the Maritime sector will be benefiting from more funds for researchers and entrepreneurs.

The Ministry of Tourism announced that €100,000 will be allocated to researchers and entrepreneurs in the maritime sector through an open competition. This is a joint effort between the Malta Seed Award (MarSA), the Knowledge Transfer Office within the University of Malta, the TAKEOFF initiative through the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Incubation CEBI within the University of Malta.

The funds are divided in two. The proof of concept fund will help researchers direct their work towards commercialisation, whilst the seed fund will allow entrepreneurs to connect better with end clients. Applications for a maximum funding of €20,000 will close on 22nd October.

Malta Marittima President Daniel Aquilina said that projects funded in the past have shown innovative and sustainable projects based on scientific research could be developed to enhance the maritime economy.

Minister of Tourism Konrad Mizzi said that the maritime sector is the pinnacle of the Maltese economy which includes legal services, container transhipment facilities, vessel registry amongst others.

Further details on the scheme may be obtained here.