Fundación MAPFRE research project grant approaches

Fundación MAPFRE has made a new call for applications for grants for a total of €315,000, open to academic and professional researchers and research teams that wish to develop research programs independently or within the scope of universities, hospitals, companies or research centers that they belong to.

The Foundation offers its Ignacio H. Larramendi research grants, awarded individually for a maximum amount of €30,000 to promote projects related to health, such as, among others, obesity prevention, encouraging physical activity, evaluating personal injury, health care management and clinical safety.

These grants are also open to researchers interested in promoting projects related to the challenges of insurance and social protection in the 21st century, who will receive a maximum of €15,000 per grant.

The scope of this call is worldwide and projects may be presented in Spanish, English or Portuguese before the 14th October 2019. 

Terms and conditions may be found here.

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