Full transparency and market value required on Public Land – MDA

The Malta Developers Association, MDA, said that any potential agreement of public land should be primarily based on the current market value of the land in question.

The association said this in a statement issued on Monday in which it says it has noted ‘the sudden renewed interest in the media and comments made on behalf of a consortium, regarding a possible agreement with the government on the development of prime public land in Bahar iċ-Ċagħaq, known as the White Rocks an area that covers 450,000 square meters.

The MDA insisted that, as promised by the new government, such negotiations should be held in full transparency and in conformity with public procurement rules, and all those public officials involved in such negotiations should be fully accountable to the owners of this land, that is the public.

The MDA said that what happened in the case of other massive property development projects on public land, under different administrations, should not be repeated.

The association said it will not tolerate fiddling on market value, lack of transparency or any sort of state aid to turn public land into private speculative projects as this is not in the interest of the economy and the common good apart from the fact that the public has the right to obtain value for money for public land.