Audio: Full confidence in new Gozo Bishop – ex Minister, PN spokesperson for Gozo

Ritratti: Djoċesi ta’ Għawdex/Joe Grech

The ex Minister for Gozo, Justyne Caruana, as well as the PN spokesperson for Gozo Affairs and Constitutional Reform, Chris Said, expressed their delight at the announcement for the new Gozo Bishop. They both stated that he has big shoes to fill but expressed their confidence in his abilities to lead the Gozitan diocese. The new Gozo Bishop is Dun Anton Theuma.

In an interview on Newsbook Hour, Said stated that Bishop Mario Grech, now a General Pro-Secretary for the Synod of Bishops, had managed to fill Bishop Nikol Cauchi’s shoes. He then expressed his faith in Dun Theuma to do the same, saying that he is down to earth, dedicated to his work and is also aware of the issues facing Gozitan society at the present times. One such challenge is the rapid change cultural change that Gozo is undergoing at present.

Caruana expressed this same belief in Dun Theuma’s abilities. She stated that she knows him personally, adding that over the past years, he has not only been a member of the clergy, but also a valuable member of the community. Caruana explained that he also has a professional background as a counsellor, as well as is qualified as an electrician and welder. These skills come in handy due to the Cana Centre’s ongoing refurbishment, and the nature of the work he conducts within the centre, helping families and couples to strengthen their relationship and marriage.

Both Said and Caruana stated that the role of Bishop in Gozo is central both in a spiritual and social sense. Said stated that the role of Bishop is also signifying of the fact that Gozo has its own diocese, separate from Malta’s. He explained that this defines Gozo as a separate region, with its own separate challenges due to the waters that separate the Maltese islands. Caruana added that she has always considered the Gozo Bishop to be a stakeholder in all that happens within Gozo.

Said and Caruana thanked Mgr. Grech for his work on the islands, with Said pointing out that he flawlessly fulfilled his role as Bishop for almost 15 years. Caruana also said that she considers Mgr. Grech a friend, and someone she could turn to for advice. They worked together on countless issues, leading also to a formalisation of this partnership via a memorandum of understanding.