FSWS worked with 48 trafficking victims in 2018, most were labour exploited

    Credit: FSWS

    The Foundation for Social Welfare Services says it worked with 48 individuals who were victims of ‘potential or confirmed’, human trafficking last year.

    FSWS adds that according to its figures, the individuals were aged between 20 and 45 years old with most being, ‘victims of labour exploitation.’ A smaller minority were also victims of sexual exploitation.

    The body publishes its numbers in recognition of Anti-Trafficking Day on October 18th.

    FSWS also explains that members of its organisation and the Maltese Police Force, recently visited London to meet a range of UK governmental and Non-government bodies involved in anti-trafficking efforts. These included discussion with the UK police, Home Office and the NGOs Unseen UK and Hestia.

    The body also explains that it is currently investing in a new service to help victims of Human Trafficking.

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    Human, Like you: budget proposals against human trafficking

    ‘Victims of trafficking need to be identified and treated as such faster’

    Budget 2020

    In the Budget announcement this Monday, the Finance Minister Professor Edward Scicluna announced that the government will be setting up of a professional service which will operate an exit program for those who want to get out of a life of prostitution.

    This also includes a national strategy on human trafficking that would be implemented over the next five years. The first part of the strategy would focus on strengthening the structures of government which are responsible for the coordination of work against human trafficking. Work will also start on a legal framework to prevent trafficking and to empower victims to seek help. A national campaign “Human, like You” will also be implemented.

    Domestic violence and violence related to gender was also targeted in the budget. Minister Scicluna said professionals in the field will receive further training and research will be initiated on the impact this sort of violence has on the victims and on the Maltese economy.