Watch: From the feast of Our Lady in Gozo will be updating excerpts from the feast of Our Lady, being celebrated at the Gozo Cathedral. The first live video will be streamed from the Cathedral Square at 6 30pm when the statue of Our Lady is taken out of the Cathedral.

The feast’s programme for the night is as follows:

6:45pm Solemn procession with the Santa Marija statue (1896). The Leone Band performs the much-acclaimed cantata in honour of Our Lady “Per La Festa Di Maria Assunta In Cielo” (1913) in an emotional start of the procession which makes its way through the old streets of the city’s historic centre. Spectacular coloured fireworks are let off during the 4-hour procession during which the Leone Band performs. The Victory Band (Xagħra) and St Joseph Band (Għajnsielem) play marches and musical programmes in Independence Square and Cathedral Square respectively

9:00pm The Santa Marija statue is welcomed in lower Palm Street by the Franciscan Nuns who sing a cappella the Salve Regina in Gregorian plainchant from the terraces of their monastery. Thousands of people join to witness the devotional scene of the procession before it starts its way up towards the Gozo Ċittadella.

10:30pm Solemn entrance of the Santa Marija statue inside the Gozo Cathedral with an aux flambaux gathering in the Ċittadella’s main square and access road.

11.00pm The last march by the band Leone from the Parish Centre, around Independence Square (it-Tokk), the statue of Santa Marija tad-dimostrazzjoni (1956) is taken down from its pedestal and back to the Parish Centre, as the celebrations of the feast of Our Lady come to an end.