From school to kitchen: preparing food for healthcare workers


Part of St Benedict’s College Kirkop Secondary School has been transformed into a kitchen to prepare food which will be distributed to the healthcare workers at Mater Dei hospital.

The Kirkop Secondary School is already equipped with industrial kitchen facilities and is normally used for teaching purposes however it was opened by volunteers who will be preparing food for the staff.

In a statement the Education Ministry said that Education Minister Owen Bonnici visited the premises. He applauded the work being carried out by the volunteers.

In light of the current coronavirus outbreak shops offering non-essential services have been closed. Restaurants and bars are allowed to make deliveries or takeaways. Schools and other educational institutions have also been closed in a bid to curb the spreading of the virus within the community. Mater Dei Hospital Cafeteria will also close.

Various establishments and restaurants have offered to deliver food to the staff working at Mater Dei Hospital.

“After collaboration with the St. Benedict’s College staff we were able to turn part of the school building into a fully equipped kitchen that is able to welcome chefs and volunteers to help out in this cause,” Minister Bonnici said.

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