From professors to pensioners – Covid-19 claimed over 200 lives

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

During 2020 the coronavirus pandemic spread globally in just a few months. Malta was not an exception and on 7 March, the first Covid-19 case was reported. The pandemic brought with it a lot of challenges amongst which economic uncertainties, physical and mental health challenges, and bereavement to those who could not withstand the ravages of the virus.

As of today, the Covid-19 death toll in the Maltese islands reached 201 persons. The first victim was Ġorġa Zammit, 92 years-old who died at the Gozo General Hospital. Her death was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Dr Chris Fearne on 8 April during a press conference.

Professor Aaron Casha, 53 years old, was the sixth individual that succumbed to the Covid-19 virus. He was a medical consultant at Mater Dei hospital as well as lecturer at the University of Malta. In a statement it was said that Prof. Casha had underlying conditions apart from suffering from coronavirus. This claim of underlying conditions was later widely used to much criticism.

Dr Lawrence Fenech, a well-respected family doctor too lost his battle against Covid-19. He used to serve in Żabbar and surroundings. He died on the 5 September at the age of 85 years. Fenech was the 14th victim.

The 201 victims of the pandemic to date comprise 136 men and 65 women.

The coronavirus victims age bracket in Malta is between 46 years and 99 years. Two victims were 99 years old while the youngest was former Qormi Mayor Renald Falzon. Mr Falzon’s death shocked many due to his young age. He was found positive on 10 October and passed away on 13 November. Many people expressed their sympathies publicly on his demise.

189 victims in four months

During the past three months we saw an increase of deaths due to Covid-19. In the last four months the total number of deaths was 189 persons. During the pandemic second wave, in the past four months, 15 times more people passed away due to the virus than in the first wave. The month with the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus was November with 78 individuals. To date 60 people died during December.

There were also two further deaths which remained unrecorded: one in September and one in October (Fr Lino Cardona SJ). Therefore while the official toll reads 201 deaths, in reality, the death toll is 203.